About Us

About Us

Totheburn Trading (Pvt) Limited was registered in 1997 and started its operations in 2001 procuring and distributing a variety of commodities.
The experience that the principle director acquired through work experience as an IT teacher across the entire social sector (ie teaching Computers in High Schools and lecturing at various Colleges) resulted in the formation of a IT Training division, called iTechnology Business & Training. However, in 2012, the focus changed, and we started concentrating in Audio Visual products. The same year, the trade name “iTechBusiness” was then made the official trading name, although we have continued with the use of our registered name, “Totheburn Trading”. Since then, iTechBusiness has become the leading company in the supply and installation of projectors in colleges, schools & boardrooms.

Due to our specialization in Audio Visual Products, our knowledge in this field has become second to none.


To be recognized as a leading provider of quality innovative Information Technology learning solutions and Training Services across all markets.


Our business is to make presenters look SMART, presentations look PROFESSIONAL and the audience/learners stay CAPTIVATED as they LEARN through INNOVATIVE ICT products


  • To bring technology in presentations and learning environments
  • Transform boardrooms and classrooms to comply with the ever increasing technology
  • Always enhancing and maintaining quality customer care.
  • Establish long term relationships with clients.
  • Sustaining economic growth and profitability.
  • Bring up to date information technology solutions.
  • To sign Service Level Agreements and provide, train and offer backup services for the products that we offer.
  • To strengthen our relationship with our dealers.


  • Universities, Colleges & Schools
  • Blue Chip Companies
  • Corporates
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Financial Sector (Banking).
  • Government.


The values of the organization are centered on: -

  1. Customer focus.
  2. Quality service.
  3. Continuous improvement, training and development.
  4. Team work.
  5. Social responsibility.

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