JK Eectric Screens

JK Electric Screens
  • White powder coated steel cabinet, high quality matt white fabric.  

  • Advanced tubular motor for quiet, fast operation.      

  • End cap remote control receiver, ( sizes larger than 150" have external remote receiver )                                     

  •  IR with extended IR probe and RF remote                                                                                                                             

  • 12 volt trigger @ RS232.                                                                                                                                                    

  •  Mounting brackets & fastners & remote cradle.     

  • Aspect ratios available 1:1, 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10

Model Number Size (H X W) Aspect Ratio
JK E1-96" 244cm x 244cm 1:1
JK E4-84" 127cm x 169 4:3
JK E4-100" 152cm x 203 4:3
JK E4-120" 182cm x 244cm 4:3
JK E4- 150" 221xm x 295cm 4:3
JK E4- 173" 262.4cm x 349.8cm 4:3
JK E4- 196" 298.8cm x 398.4cm 4:3
JK E10-92" 124cm x 198cm 16:10
JK E10-106" 142.5cm x 228cm 16:10
JK E10-119" 160cm x 256cm 16:10
JK E10-133" 179cm x 286cm 16:10
JK E10-150" 202cm x 323cm 16:10
JK E10-173" 232.9cm x 372.6cm 16:10
JK E10-196" 263.8cm x 422.2cm 16:10
JK E9-92" 114cm x 203cm 16:9
JK E9-106" 132cm x 234.5cm 16:9
JK E9-119" 148cm x 263.5cm 16:9
JK E9-133" 165.5cm x 295cm 16:9
JK E9-150" 178cm x 332cm 16:9
JK E9-173" 215.4cm x 383cm 16:9
JK E9-196" 244cm x 433.9cm 16:9
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