Interactive whiteboards can be expensive and complicated, and most must be permanently installed. Not anymore. Now teachers can place the small MimioTeach™ interactive whiteboard on the dry erase boards they already have, push two buttons, and – just like that – they have a full-featured interactive whiteboard for a fraction of the cost of conventional fixed interactive whiteboards.

  • portable bar that attaches to any whiteboard. Used with the classroom computer and projector, it turns your whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard in under a minute.
  • Makes it affordable to bring interactive technology to your classrooms.
  • Part of a complete interactive solution that includes MimioStudio™ classroom software, which allows you to create dynamic lessons and collaborative activities, and perform formative and summative assessment.

The eBeam Edge+ is the latest, most advanced in the Edge product line, taking interactivity to a whole new level. Turn any flat screen display, like a flat screen tv or your favorite projector, instantly interactive using a small sensor and stylus. There are three versions of the Edge+:

  • Edge+ USB
  • Edge+ Wireless
  • Edge+ Complete (includes Marker Pack accessories).

To give you the most flexible interactive experience, The Edge+ comes with an additional stylus as well as the Edge+ Display Bracket so you can use your sensor on any flat surface as well as LCD flat screens.

Projector based interactive system is one of the few types of interactive system available. Using a projector and any Whiteboard or any surface white and smooth, one can interact with your laptop and we can also do Training needs for your personnel.

We have a number of Replacement Bulbs in Stock. Give us a call and advice us of the Brand and Model of your projector. We will advice you of stock availability.

We are an Authorised Reseller of Parrot and BestBoards and this allows us to have a variety of Whiteboards that include Info Boards,IN-OUT Boards,Calender Boards, EDU Boards for Primary pupils, Pin Boards and Classroom boards. Most of them come as magnetic or Non-Magnetic


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